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LOGAN – The Logan Parks and Recreation Department is looking for public input as they work on updating their Comprehensive Parks, Trails, Recreation, and Open Space Plan.

The first open house is Thursday, January 9, from 5:30 – 7 p.m. in the community room at City Hall, 290 N 100 W.

The second open house is Thursday, January 23, from 5:30 – 7 p.m. in the Tournament Room at the Logan River Golf course, 550 W. 1000 S.

Residents may come anytime during the scheduled times to receive information from department staff and give comments as part of the updating process to the current plan. Stations will be set up to receive public comment.

A portion of the current plan will include a proposal to incorporate the Logan River, a “blue trail”, as part of the city’s trail network.

Frank Howe, chairman of the Logan River Task Force, explained the definition of a “blue trail” during a presentation to The Logan City Council Tuesday night.

“It’s a community trail, but it’s a water trail – more of a paddle trail,” said Howe. “We are proposing to use the trail for canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and inner tubes. Whatever floats, works. We are hoping this promotes people’s appreciation of the river, use of the river and stewardship of the river.”

The goal, according to Howe, is to provide trails and build ramps that allow easy and safe access to the river. The ramps will be handicap-accessible.

Restrooms and parking facilities are also in the plan.

There has been some funding already awarded for river restoration. An additional chunk was announced by Logan Mayor Holly Daines during her “State of the City” address Tuesday night.

“We applied for funding to place a conservation easement on 73 acres of property along the river,” she stated. “We were recently notified by the state we received the full amount requested, $875,000. Per our Trails Master Plan, it will allow us to further continue our trail system north along the river from Trapper Park, and will get us part way to the planned 600 South Park (at 1900 West), property which the city owns, providing a great park and significant connections when funding allows completion.”

In addition to the two public open houses, residents may also give written comments by completing a short, one-page questionnaire. Completed questionnaires may be returned in a variety of ways:

• In person at the Logan Community Recreation Center, 195 South 100 West

• By mail to the Logan Parks and Recreation Department, 195 South 100 West, Logan, Utah, 84321

• Online at pr.loganutah.org

When a completed questionnaire is received you will receive a free one-day pass to the Logan Aquatic Center or the Logan Community Recreation Center. The deadline for receiving questionnaires is March 31, 2020.

The current Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2016, is available on the City’s website at pr.loganutah.org.



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